Thursday, February 19, 2009

All About Me

Whilst my Blog Header would suggest that I am defined by a certain series of negative events, there is much more to me that I wanted to share with you.

I am a passionate, optimistic 24-year old woman living in Australia with my partner, two cats and two dogs. I adore craft, reading, graphic design, surfing the web and having silly times with my furry family. My partner is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone- supportive, kind, open, understanding and absolutely gorgeous. She is my rock!

In between the list of events that have caused my Mental Health issues, I have led a great life. My mother was the best mother in the world, and the relationship I had with her is a significant part of what has allowed me to survive my life experiences. I have travelled the world continuously, and have not only seen some of the most spectacular places on the planet but have also shared some incredible moments with people the world over. I am well-fed, well clothed, well educated and have a gorgeous family. There is a lot I am grateful for.

I find, however, that writing is what I turn to when times are low. I have written my way through some of the most dramatic of my life's moments, and being able to express myself in this way has had some truly powerful effects. Normally, my writing is limited to an audience of journal and pen; however, I felt inspired to share this element of my journey with the world in the hopes of either hearing from people who have experienced similar things, inspiring those going through tough times to keep on going, or educating those who have never experienced Mental Health issues as to the realities of their grip.

I hope you enjoy my journey with me; whilst it will be difficult at times, I have no doubt that I will make it out the other end and live the life that I dream of living.

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